Beta Innovations LLC

Beta Innovations LLC

Beta Innovations LLC provides strategic and tactical product development services for groups developing new tools for life science laboratories. We help our clients launch new technologies that are incorporated in practical instruments, and that meet scientists’ needs and user expectations. Beta Innovations provides management and technical guidance that supports product design and development, assists in the regulatory approval process, develops strategies for manufacture and product roll-out, and supports early stage product testing and marketing strategies.

Areas of Expertise

Rapid evaluation of product concepts to design optimization of many life science laboratory products requires the examination of fluidics, heat transfer, diffusion, electromigration, and chemical reactions. COMSOL is an effective platform for simulating and evaluating candidate product designs and run conditions, especially where these physics are coupled.

  • Fluidics of dispensing systems and lab-on-a-chip devices
  • Heat transfer and diffusion in the presence of chemical reactions
  • Modeling electrokinetic phenomena in electrophoretic systems and electroosmotic flow in microfluidic devices
  • Flow through a nozzle
  • Shelf-life stability in permeable packaging and nutrient retention in food processing
Beta Innovations LLC

COMSOL is an important design tool for evaluating product concept candidates and for minimizing the number of physical prototypes needed. It also enables a deeper understanding of system dynamics where physical measurements are difficult or impossible.

Beta Innovations LLC

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